Vape Dammam | The Era Of MYLE-JUUL Vapes

vape dammam

Do you think you can improve your vaping sessions by purchasing a more sophisticated e-cigarette? Have you been vaping long enough to switch to a high-end vape device? 

Vape Dammam has created two world-class e-cigarette pod brands, JUUL and MYLE, to match your vaping needs. These vape pods are tiny, light, and stylish in addition to being among the best e-cigarettes in the Vape Dammam market. These two brands have influenced the modern world and turned it into their own era.


vape dammam

In 2015, JUUL began its vaping journey. The device was more entertaining and elegant from the beginning. The JUUL device includes two parts: the bottom controls the temperature and stores the battery, while the top contains the pod, which holds the e-juice and functions as the mouthpiece. The JUUL pods come in a range of flavours, including fruit and menthol, for a fresh, novel vibe. A 5% nicotine quantity is found in the 0.7ml e-liquid pods, which you may choose from. The 200 mAh battery offered by Vape Dammam is used in most cases, and it can last anywhere from several hours to a day, depending on how often you use it.


vape dammam

MYLE was formed in 2016, shortly after JUUL, making it a new participant in the vape industry. MYLE’s objective is to develop a healthier e-cigarette that resembles a traditional cigarette in terms of satisfaction while providing the same degree of satisfaction. MYLE by Vape Dammam has various cutting-edge vape technology attributes that produce a smooth puff. MYLE looks similar to JUUL, but it is considerably larger and has rounded edges and corners. MYLE includes a battery and a mouthpiece connected to an upper compartment. MYLE provided by Vape Dammam comes in a few delicious flavours. There is a wide range of flavours to select from. MYLE’s pod has a 240mAh battery and a 0.9ml e-juice capacity. Users can typically take 240 puffs per minute.

Which is the better choice?

Take into account the following characteristics to determine which brand dominated the MYLE-JUUL trend.


JUUL’s simplicity and elegance are visually appealing, but it has inadequate functions and options. The structure is less apparent when you perform, as it is simple and elegant. You may only see one green, yellow, or red flashing light to determine the battery level. In addition, the capsule’s tip reveals how much pod juice contained in the vaping gadgets from Vape Dammam is left after you see the capsule. 

When you see the capsule, you should change your capsule. JUUL uses a flashlight to determine the battery level in addition to MYLE. It has four lights instead of JUUL’s three, making it a more practical choice. A simple capsule is more practical with MYLE V2, while MYLE V3 offers a more minimalist look by removing this feature.

Vape Pods

vape dammam

The JUUL pods’ 3.5 and 5 per cent nic salt concentrations are quite high. If you are a chain smoker who has turned to vape to quit smoking, you may prefer a lower nicotine salt concentration. JUUL vapour is drawn in in large quantities, and the pods feel light in the throat.

Power Sources and Battery Life

The 200 mAh battery life of the JUUL is offered by Vape Dammam. MYLE, on the other hand, has a battery life of 240 mAh, giving it a % to 30% longer duration than JUUL.


MYLE offers a 0.9ml e-liquid volume per pod compared to JUUL’s 0.7ml. MYLE will last a little bit longer as a result.

Puff Count MYLE 

MYLE pods offer about 240 puffs, which is a significant increase over JUUL pods’ 200 puffs.


While JUUL and MYLE seem very similar, MYLE is a little broader and has rounded edges and corners. JUUL has a thin silhouette. MYLE’s stunning minimalism appears to be slightly less expensive than JUUL’s opulent appeal.

Which Is Better: MYLE or JUUL?

With varied characteristics, JUUL and MYLE vape offered by the online store of Vape Dammam are both fantastic products. They are easy to use thanks to their silky puffs. The wide range of vape flavours from these brands is something to lust after. They’re both a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes and simple to carry around. It’s tough to pick an excellent one because we all have diverse viewpoints. Therefore, our writers have provided you with an opportunity to select the JUUL or MYLE vape juice winner based on your preferences. We can guarantee that these companies are both genuine and offer excellent products, and consequently, we believe the MYLE-JUUL era is the greatest issue of the day.

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